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10 Ways to make your submissive feel owned

10 Ways to make your submissive feel owned.

1. Challenge them.
Don't be lazy when giving tasks. Give them a task that allows them to impress you. If you tell them to wear a certain color of panties/underpants, you are giving them a very closed task. It's either failed or succeeded.
Be creative and they will be.

2. Think about them.
As a Submissive they will idealy think of you a lot. Return the favour. Message them when you miss them. Remember important things for them. You may care, but you have to make them feel like you care.

3. Listen to them.
Be open to their suggestions, their issues, the things they wish to talk about. Often when someone tells you of a problem, they know you can't provide a solution... They merely want a listening ear, so provide it.

4. Have fun with them outside of kink.
Watch a movie with them, joke with them, flirt. Dare to be silly and be open to just stepping outside the little comfortzone that is kink. They aren't just your plaything, and they deserve to be more.

5. Be honest.
If something disatisfies you about them, tell them. Don't be rude, don't be mean, but let them know. Nothing's worse than feeling something is wrong and not knowing what. At least give them the chance to improve on it, if you cannot ignore it.

6. Communicate.
Communication is so vital. I know it pretty much what I said in the past few points, but it deserves one on its own. Don't just mindlessly churn out tasks, don't just play. Be a friend to them.

7. Don't turn your back on them.
It's not all sunshine and rainbows in any relationships. Things may go shitty in their life, or they may go shitty in your life. If they ask for your help, at the very least, make sure you are there to listen how you can help and if you can help.

8. Give rules and guidelines.
When you aren't around leave specific instruction on what to do and when; Then in spite of your absence they will still feel like they are pleasing you.

9. Be trustworthy.
Nothing makes you feel less of a person than being lied to. You are their owner, you are responsible for them. If you don't make yourself worthy of that right, it's not ending well.

10. Work on it!
Seriously. Don't be lazy. Don't slack off. How would you treat them if they did? You have expectations, but you also have duties and if you don't fulfill those duties you will sooner or later lose them to someone who will.

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